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  • Contribute to their goals & receive special treats
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How does it work?

When you join the Modelizer Club, you get access not only to our digital magazine and Modelizer exclusive content, but you also get the opportunity to help the women of your dreams in their lifelong modeling goals.

When models open a Modelizer account, they get the chance to be published in the trendiest men’s lifestyle magazine, but they also get a platform where models, friends and family can play an active role by helping them reach their goals.

Each month, you receive free diamonds (number varies based on your subscription type), but you also have the option to buy extra ones. These diamonds can be used to support the beautiful women of Modelizer. Each time you unlock one of their photosets or any information on their profile, the diamonds are directly ALL added to the model’s fund.

If you want to also get to know them on a more personal basis, you can interact via live chat with any of the models and develop connections and friendships with them that will last a lifetime.

How do I live chat with the models?

Our chat feature basically works the same way as texting with your phone. If the model is online, she will respond immediately, and if she’s away or busy, she’ll still get an email notification and will answer it at a later time. While chatting, each message you send adds five diamonds to the model’s fund. Receiving messages is free.

Can I really become friends with a model?

Anything is possible. Friendships do happen, and they are real. We have witnessed models becoming lifelong friends with fans. It all started with a simple message saying “Hello.” Heck, a fan even entered into a romantic relationship with one of the models he was supporting. Now, we’re not saying you will find true love on Modelizer, but keep in mind that being a gentleman goes a long way, and nothing is impossible. Start with a simple message, and who knows where it could lead?

What if the model never answers me?

Answers are guaranteed or diamonds are heading back your way! The model has 72 hours to answer, and if she doesn’t, it won’t cost you a single diamond.

Is there any other way I can support their goals?

Definitely. You have the option to gift a specific amount of diamonds. Most models will thank you in their own particular way (at their discretion). We have seen rewards ranging from Snapchat to sexy videos to signed pictures.