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Kristy Jessica

Ace of October 2015

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About me

I’m a firecracker and a sex kitten rolled into one! Modeling is my creative passion, but let’s be honest, I enjoy freeing the caged sex-kitten inside me that was suppressed for so many years when I was young! I also write, produce, and network with all kinds of different people in my field.

The basic

  • Nationality
    Romanian, Chippewah, Cherokee, French, Danish & Brittish
  • Height
  • Measurements:
  • Shoe Size
  • Career
    Film Production, Event Coordination, & Mentor

The secrets

  • How many one-night stands did I ever have?
  • At what age did I have my first sexual experience?
  • I last got arrested because of...
  • What turns me on the most...
  • What is my absolutely favorite cartoon?

2 truths - 1 lie

  • 1. I have had more than 20 sex partners
  • 2. I have joined the mile high club
  • 3. I lived in a big party house with a bunch of dudes for 5 years