OhMiBod Lets You Have Sex with your Smartphone. Kind of.

OhMiBod Lets You Have Sex with your Smartphone. Kind of.

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Technology has now advanced to the point that you can get a girl off by playing around on your phone. Well, kind of.

The OhMiBod is what makes it possible, with an app that controls the vibrations of a smooth and slender toy. But again, I say, “kind of.”

Should you or should you not buy this tech-savvy invention to impress your female friend(s)? This article will help you decide.

the bad

As mentioned, the OhMiBod is a sex toy that communicates with smartphones via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi in order to vibrate and eventually get a girl off. If you’re using Bluetooth, the toy will vibrate within 20 to 30 feet of your phone. If you’re using Wi-Fi, you can be on a different continent to do the pleasuring. In theory, this is a really neat and advanced concept, but in reality, the concept kind of sucks. Kind of.

I guess I’ll start my rant by complaining about connectivity issues. In order for this toy to hit a girl’s home run you would expect it to have a strong connection with the app. But over both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the connection is only mediocre at best. In the end, myself and many other reviewers have spent far too much time trying to set up a connection with our partners’ smartphones than actually using the toy. That certainly has a reverse effect on the novelty of this great idea.

Another issue that seems pretty much across the board has to do with the Nex 1, one of the sex toys that works with the app. Basically, the Nex 1 is (supposed to be) a discreet and fun toy that fits into the pocket of a special one-size-fits-all thong it comes with. The idea is that you can secretly stimulate your woman no matter where the two of you go, which sounds quite exciting. But unfortunately, the logistics of it just don’t come together nicely.

First off, women come in many different shapes and sizes, so a one-size-fits-all thong is a terrible idea. Second, the toy is far too loud to ever be worn out in public if you are easily embarrassed. Third, the vibrations of this toy are far too gentle to get the majority of women off. All in all, I wouldn’t even give this toy a participation ribbon for its attempt. It just sucks.

the good

Fortunately, the OhMiBod app works with more than just the Nex 1. There is also the handheld Nex 2, which is just an app-compatible version of the Cuddle. The Cuddle is known for its deep, yet subtle stimulation that feels great on the clit and hits the G-spot right on the money. So if the idea of smartphone sex is really intriguing to you, OhMiBod’s Nex 2 is the way to go.

An obvious positive of this product is that if you get the right toy and manage to get the connection to work, you’re having sex with your smartphone! And if that doesn’t sound at least a bit intriguing to you, then I’m not sure what will. OhMiBod’s innovative idea brings a whole new dimension to sex, including…

my recommendations for use

If your woman is like most and needs the more intense Nex 2, the handheld quality of the device means that she’ll be stuck using it at home. But still, this is better than nothing if you happen to travel a lot or are in a full-blown long-distance relationship. However, I believe that the best use of the Nex 2 is getting in some foreplay after a long day at the office before you even arrive home. To do this, select the app’s “VOICE” feature and blast some music in the car. Whether it’s Beethoven or Queen, your phone will pick up on the music and send it through to the vibrator, stimulating the Mrs. as she waits for your arrival at home.

And if your woman is particularly sensitive to vibrations leading you to go for the (partly) discreet Nex 1, you will be open to a little more freedom. Use it to spice up trips to the grocery store or date night. Just be sure that you’re in an empty aisle or at a noisy club, as the not-so-discreet vibrations will give your secret away.


If all else fails, a traditional vibrator should please your woman just the same, without all the potential technical difficulties. Just be sure to use it enthusiastically and often, and she shouldn’t mind either way.


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